The WORKZ | Episode 3: From R&D to the Real World!

Ever wondered how HOGWORKZ brings motorcycle parts to life? This episode of The WORKZ takes you on a journey behind the scenes of our product development process. Be a fly on the wall and watch along as we take the idea of chopped CVO filler lights and turn it into a finished product.

Our tour starts with Alex, showing you around HOGWORKZ R&D facility. This is the nerve center where everything from meticulously capturing existing parts to ensuring perfect fit on your motorcycle happens. Today's project is a custom filler panel designed to seamlessly integrate CVO style lights onto a bike with a chopped fender.

Alex utilizes a 3D scanner to capture the exact dimensions of the existing fender and light. This scan data becomes the foundation for the part to come. It's then imported into CAD software, where Alex works his expertise to refine it into a clean and manufacturable 3D model. Think of this as the blueprint for the part.

Next comes 3D printing and test fitting. The initial model gets printed on an FDM printer, ready for its first real-world interaction. Alex checks to see if the light fits snugly inside the panel and ensures everything lines up perfectly with the motorcycle. This is where the team's attention to detail shines. Al even points out the use of support material during printing, a crucial step that ensures the part's form during the process. This material is later removed, leaving behind the pristine part.

Based on the initial test fit, Alex refines the model even further. This might involve modifications like tweaking the mounting bracket for an even better fit. Once these adjustments are made, they create a more detailed version on an SLA printer. This printer offers higher resolution, resulting in a part that closely resembles the final product.

Now comes the moment of truth: production and final testing. The refined 3D model is sent to a manufacturer who creates a special injection mold.. This mold is then used to mass-produce the final part in large quantities. HOGWORKZ receives samples from the manufacturer and puts them through a final test fit on a Harley. Kyle demonstrates how they use spacers to achieve a perfect fit with minimal gap, ensuring a clean and secure installation.

Finally, the fun part – road testing! With everything looking good on paper and during the fitment test, it's time to see how the part performs under real-world conditions. Alex throws on the saddlebag and takes the Road Glide for a test ride.

The video concludes with a powerful message: everything a HOGWORKZ customer receives starts right here. From meticulous scanning and 3D modeling to rigorous testing, our dedication to quality ensures you get motorcycle parts that are not only stylish but also built to last. So, the next time you install a HOGWORKZ part on your bike, remember the journey it took to get there, a journey that began with a scan and ended with a slammin' ride.