The WORKZ | Episode 1: How it’s Sprayed (Behind the scenes with HOGWORKZ Paint Team)

In this episode of our all-new video series "The WORKZ" the paint team takes you along for the ride as they spray a complete Zephyr Blue color swap kit. These parts will then be shipped to Tokyo and installed on a Street Glide destined to turn heads at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Get ready for a deep dive into the artistry behind this show-stopping Zephyr Blue paint job.

First, we head into the prep bay, with the unsung heroes of any flawless finish. Nick and Eli, our dynamic duo, are meticulously prepping every single piece of this Street Glide kit. They understand that even the slightest imperfection here can snowball into a disaster under Raf's unforgiving paint gun. It's a thankless job, but one that lays the foundation for the magic to come.

Now, the stage is set for Raf, our master painter at HOGWORKZ. With 24 years of experience, his eye for detail has been honed to a razor's edge. Watch closely as he applies each layer of Zephyr Blue paint with the precision of a surgeon. There's no room for shaky hands here. Each stroke is deliberate, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish that will outshine the chrome itself. Those intricate curves and angles of the Street Glide are no match for Raf's expert movements.

This Zephyr Blue Street Glide was a hit at the show, truly a showstopper!

This bike really did turn out awesome! Here it is in out booth at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

We couldn't have done this show without our Japanese distributors!