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May 30

The WORKZ | Episode 3: From R&D to the Real World!

Ever wondered how HOGWORKZ brings motorcycle parts to life? This episode of The WORKZ takes you on a journey behind the scenes of our product development process. Be a fly on the wall and watch along as we take the idea of chopped CVO filler lights and turn it into a finished product.

Our tour starts with Alex, showing you around HOGWORKZ R&D facility. This is the nerve center where everything from meticulously capturing existing parts to ensuring perfect fit on your motorcycle happens. Today's project is a custom filler panel designed to seamlessly integrate CVO style lights onto a bike with a chopped fender.

Alex utilizes a 3D scanner to capture the exact dimensions of the existing fender and light. This scan data becomes the foundation for the part to come. It's then imported into CAD software, where Alex works his expertise to refine it into a clean and manufacturable 3D model. Think

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Apr 30

The WORKZ | Episode 2: New Parts, New Problems (Behind the scenes with the HOGWORKZ Warehouse Team)

Episode 2 of The WORKZ pulls back the curtain on the fast-paced and sometimes chaotic world of HOGWORKZ operations. We begin with a major shipping system malfunction that throws the warehouse crew into a frenzy. Duplicate orders are flooding in, and the team must scramble to find a solution. This involves switching back and forth between two separate store platforms, a temporary fix that requires careful coordination and a touch of humor to keep everyone sane.

Meanwhile, the warehouse bustles with activity as they prepare for the upcoming Daytona Bike Week. We witness the crew diligently packing orders, organizing a vast inventory of motorcycle parts, and getting the demo bike ready for the event.

Throughout the episode, we see the HOGWORKZ team's dedication and resilience shine through. Despite the unexpected challenges, they maintain their sense of camaraderie and find moments of laughter amidst

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